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John Good, Sr., and John Reinike donated the land for Middletown Cemetery located at 16357 Butts Canyon Road in 1889. John Good was a blacksmith who had his place of business across from Lobree. He was the brother-in-law of John Reinike, and they both worked in the blacksmith business. The land once was the Reinike Family Ranch.

          A small cemetery was located at the Fiege Ranch, and the bodies were transferred to the new Middletown Cemetery owned by the Odd Fellows Lodge. Bodies were also transferred from the cemetery at Rabbit Hill. On June 4, 1894, bodies buried within town limits of Middletown, were approved for reburial elsewhere.

          Rabbit Hill was an aviator observation post during World War II. Middletown’s first cemetery was in the flat alongside Rabbit Hill on the east side where the Standard Oil property was located.

          Middletown Cemetery District was formed in 1966 to provide and maintain a cemetery. The cemetery is limited in use to the burial of residents or taxpayers of the District and their families. The District is north to Hofacker Lane, south to the Napa County line, east out Butts Canyon Road to the Napa County Line, and west to the Quonset hut on Highway 175, near Whispering Pines.

          The District's governing board is composed of five volunteer Trustees. The original members were: Orval Brennen, Paul Montmarquet, Clarence Morin, Reis Palmer, and Roy Vines.  The current Trustees are Bonnie Albertson, (President), Zoi Brascisco (Vice President), Judy Kauffman, Kari Donley, and Calvin Higgins.

          The Cemetery’s location is at the southeast corner of Butts Canyon Road and Highway 29 in Middletown. The Cemetery originally had 3+ acres. In 1991 we acquired the Catholic Cemetery which added 5+ acres.

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